The Cardinal

Cardinals are smooth pipes that accentuate the straight grains or the birds eye grains of the pipe. This is accomplished by an elaborate staining process using many colors that are applied, allowed to cure, hand sanded, re-applied, then buffed to a high gloss, taking many hours to complete. The end product is a beautiful finish that brings out the natural contrast in the grain of the briar.

Cardinals are stamped and priced as follows:
  • Cardinal "B": smooth, $ 985
  • Cardinal "A": smooth, with decorative insert or bamboo $1125

    Each pipe is stamped with the year and number designating its order of completion in that year.

  • Cardinal CA08-04

    Cardinal CA07-57

    Cardinal CA05-68

    Cardinal CA05-37

    Cardinal CB005-66

    Cardinal CA08-06

    Cardinal CA07-38

    Cardinal CA05-70

    Cardinal CA07-21

    Cardinal CA07-62

    Cardinal CA06-27

    Cardinal CA06-84

    Cardinal CA06-82

    Cardinal CA07-45