The Friar

The Friar's rugged, tactile, and craggy finish is achieved with a multi-stage sandblasting technique, unique to my pipes. This high contrast finish allows you to see the grain in the wood and not just the relief in the growth rings from the blasting.

Friars are stamped and priced as follows:

  • Friar "D" = black blast $ 535
  • Friar "C" = black blast with decorative insert $ 585 (ivory, mammoth ivory, exotic hardwood, silver, bamboo)
  • Friar "B" = high contrast Amberblast or natural finish $ 585
  • Friar "A" = high contrast Amberblast or natural finish with decorative insert $ 635

    Each pipe is stamped with the year and number designating its order of completion in that year.

  • Friar FC07-86

    Friar FC07-67

    Friar FB06-39

    Friar FA07-73

    Friar FC07-01

    Friar FA07-49

    Friar FA07-09

    Friar FA08-07

    Friar FC06-67

    Friar FC07-51

    Friar FC07-71

    Friar FA06-53

    Friar FC06-14

    Friar FC06-35

    Friar FC06-05

    Friar FD07-74